Capt. Rajesh Deshwal

“It is my vision to create DELTA OVERSEAS as the top of the line, top of the mind company providing holistic shipping solutions. Materializing this vision, team DELTA OVERSEAS has upheld the view that our core competency shall not be classified as yet another ship management company managing ships. Instead DELTA OVERSEAS will be a name that reflects creating shared value by its foundation that offers something more than mere fulfillment of service; a value-addition that can’t be measured and bought by money.

Our new concepts in ship management are bound to reduce the OPEX and enhance the performance of the assets. This is our Guarantee to our clients as we meet and exceed our own standards of KPIs. Our unique flexi model is designed to give each client a tailor-cut solution to meet their commercial and technical needs.

We have laid the foundation of DELTA OVERSEAS keeping in mind the PAST (Lessons) the PRESENT (Fast changing world) and the FUTURE (Challenges) of the shipping industry and are thus ready to face the challenges of market fluctuations and volatility. Our DNA is made of RITE Values which every DELTA OVERSEAS employee embraces. We take the Responsibility with Integrity and Transparency to deliver Excellence. With state-of-the-art-in-house IT Solutions, we are perhaps the first company in the world to integrate almost all the segments required to manage and operate a ship management business from both ends namely the sea and the shore. Our safety culture extends not only to ship board operation but also to all our actions in our day-to-day life.